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Are you looking for a classic BMW specialist to restore or service your vehicle back to its former glory?


If you want a specialist, that's what you'll get when you contact Moseley Motorsport in Telford.


Covering a large part of the UK and also Europe, we are able to restore your classic BMW in an affordable, reliable and professional manner offering you both peace of mind, and some change in your pocket.

When you contact Moseley Motorsport, you'll be dealing with true industry specialists with expert knowledge of a wide range of classic BMWs, including but not limited to classic BMW M3s.


If you need a classic BMW maintenance specialist to help keep your wheels on the road, or track, then you need Moseley Motorsport in Telford. You can rest assured that our 34+ years' experience will be used to its best ability.

Do you need any of the following for your Classic BMW?


•   Classic BMW servicing

•   Classic BMW restoration

•   Racing preparation

•   Racing parts

•   Vehicles, racing vehicles and motor    salvage for sale

Does your classic BMW need repairing?

BMW Specialists

Contact Moseley Motorsport in Telford for classic BMW maintenance, restoration, servicing and race preparation.

If you do, then don't hesitate to contact Moseley Motorsport in Telford on: 01952 501 500 or 07939 927 535